Zone Raffle Bot

All in One raffle bot: Easily enter raffles for multiple websites on one single software. Comes with user friendly interface.

AFK Made Easy

Drastically helps you get your favorite sneakers. The app helps you solve captchas, bypass bot detections and much more. Add tasks, choose your release, launch threads and the bot will do the rest!

Great Support

Our support staff will always be there to help you setup/run your bot.

Active & Free Updates

Zone Raffle Bot is built by an active team of developers which means that you get updates fast and free.

Highly Recomended

People who have used our bot love it!

Discord Communtiy

A discord server is also included in your purchase which has everything you need from guides to support staff.

Raffle Automation Software

Drastically Increase Your Chances in Winning Raffles
  • €85 then €29 per month

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